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Headquarted in Bursa, Turkey, Seger Company is one of the leading companies in automotive parts industry by achieving perfection in the horn manufacturing. With more than 25 years of experience Seger is dedicated to supply highest quality products to automobiles and maximize their customer satisfaction.

We are living in an era where people demand high performance and long-life time from their car’s in every aspect In order to meet those expectations as Seger we are continiously manufacturing from our two production plants in Bursa, Turkey and Guangzhou, China to meet the rapidly increasing demand in horns.

Already one of the leading firms in horn manufacturing, Seger is continuing to heavily invest in R&D to mantain its current position and become the most preffered brand in its category in 21st century. Currently having more than 50% of its sales to OEM we also have strong customer base in aftermarket which connects people from allover the world with Seger.

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